High Quality Products

Golden Cup Coffee Company provides fresh roasted coffee, blended and roasted to perfection from coffee beans selected from all over the world. We have coffee from single origins such as Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala and organic Fair Trade coffee from Peru La Florida and Sumatra Mandehling. Golden Cup also offers flavored coffees such as Hazelnut, French Vanilla and Irish Cream. Hot Premium Cocoa, Cappuccino and Spice Chai Latte are other products available for fundraising.

We Help You Plan

Everyone drinks either coffee, hot cocoa or chai. Golden Cup helps you plan your fundraising initiative to reach your goals. We give you ideas on how to involve parents, friends and colleagues to maximize your efforts.

We Offer Private Labeling

Send us your organization’s logo or artwork to make your members motivated and proud by increasing name recognition and brand awareness.

Golden Cup Will Share the Profit with You

On every item you sell you will receive 30-50% profit. For example, if 200 individuals sell 10 packages each at $10 your organization will walk away with a profit of $6,000.

We Look Out for Your Fundraising Team

The most important people in your fundraising event are the people who sell the products for you. We make sure appropriate incentives are in place to motivate your team to get involved.