Business Services

Golden Cup Coffee is a roaster and distributor of high-quality coffee & teas. We provide fresh roasted coffee & high-quality beverages to consumers, restaurants, offices, churches and more.

Our team consists of dedicated sales, marketing and service professionals who provide coffee, tea and related supplies. Our customers always come first and responding to their needs is a top priority.

Food Service

Golden Cup coffees are made of 100% premium quality Arabica beans, ensuring you the greatest taste in aroma and flavor. Our House Blend is served in restaurants, hotels, and many coffee houses throughout our region. 

To assist you in developing a unique coffee experience we offer a range of products such as gourmet tea, and other hot and cold beverages. We also supply you with equipment, such as whole-bean grinders, one-cup brewers and thermo server units.

Office Coffee & Tea Services

We offer everything from exclusive specialty coffees & teas to premium hot cocoa, cappuccino and a range of different brewing solutions. Golden Cup will visit you at your location, inventory your specific kitchen needs, help you place an order to be delivered at a pace that fits your needs.

Private Labeling

Golden Cup Coffee can custom tailor a private labeling solution that meets your organization’s needs. We create labels for restaurants, café shops, corporations and organizations. In terms of our fundraising program, a custom label will get your organization motivated to increase your sales efforts. In business situations, a custom label can create brand awareness and name recognition.

You can choose from a range of already proven and sold high-quality products from Golden Cup. Private label our fresh roasted coffee, gourmet teas or our delicious hot and cold beverages. We will work with you to design the offering and label that fits you and your customer's needs.