About Us

Our Golden Philosophy

The Golden Cup philosophy for delivering a unique cup of coffee consists of three golden rules. The first rule is to have a clear vision of the flavor and aroma that Golden Cup represents. The second rule is to select the best coffee beans from around the world. The roasting and blending of quality beans by an experienced and creative coffee roaster will produce a high premium cup of coffee. Third, and perhaps the most important rule, is to make each roast with the consumer in mind; we want our consumers to experience a fresh and flavorful cup of coffee in the morning and throughout the day.

We Roast with 100% Arabica Beans

Golden Cup Coffee uses 100% Arabica Beans in all its coffees. There are two types of coffee beans: Arabica and Robusta. The premium Arabica bean is used to roast gourmet and high quality coffee. It provides a rich deep aroma and is superior in taste compared to the bitter Robusta bean. Golden Cup Coffee would never compromise the taste and quality of its coffee. Our goal is to provide a unique and heartwarming Golden Cup Coffee experience.